Gas- and Hydrogen-Fired Generation

As the natural gas-fired power market evolves, producers navigate demand volatility, increasing electrification and new regulations while managing their assets. Ganotec offers both experience and innovation.

A Leader in Combustion Technology  |  Ganotec and affiliates have continued to be the leader in installations of new and evolving combustion turbine technology. From simple-cycle peaking plants to complex combined-cycle facilities, our experts have designed and installed configurations including aeroderivative, frame and advanced class turbines.

  • 14,000 MW H/J Class
  • 46,000 MW F/G Class
  • 9,000 ME Aeroderivative
  • 6,000 MW Heavy Industrial


Environmental, financial and resiliency considerations have led many industrial, large commercial and institutional clients to combined heat and power (CHP), or cogeneration, systems that supply heat and off-grid power, or trigeneration systems, which also supply cooling. More efficient and cost-effective than using grid electricity and an on-site boiler, CHP systems reduce emissions as well as the impacts of fluctuating utility rates or availability. And while natural gas is the most common fuel, the use of renewable fuels such as biogas or wood waste is rising.

Ganotec and affiliates have been involved with CHP projects with a wide range of configurations  — including some of the largest facilities in Canada. We can support your CHP or trigeneration project throughout the entire project development cycle, with services ranging from analysis, planning and detailed design to construction, procurement and startup.